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(December 2021) – The last two years have proven to be a very weird, stressful and aggravating time for everyone, especially for those of us in the healthcare supply chain.
(December 2021) – The KAHRMM Board held a strategic planning meeting in McPherson on Nov. 12.
(December 2021) – As I was driving home from the KAHRMM Strategic Planning Meeting, I had plenty of time (four hours) to reflect on KAHRMM ... the conception of the organization through today and what the future may hold for KAHRMM.
(December 2021) – How many cargo ships are waiting to get to a dock? There aren't enough customs' personnel to check the ships in. There aren't enough truck drivers to deliver the product to its destination. Why can't we hire people when the news is telling us the unemployment rates are the lowest since COVID began? The questions go on and on.
(December 2021) – Rebecca Flora, director of materials management, Phillips County Health System, Phillipsburg, and member of KAHRMM, has graduated from the Kansas Hospital Association Leadership Institute Class of 2021.
(December 2021) – AHRMM is reaching out to supply chain professionals to promote eLearning Bundles on sale at 50 percent discounts for members and non-members of AHRMM now through Jan. 31, 2022, by using the code NEWYEAR2022.
(November 2021) – Fall is in the air! And, believe it or not, the holidays are looming around the corner. I am so happy we were able to get in the Golf for education in October.
(November 2021) – I don't want to put a damper on your hopes for any immediate resolutions to our shared struggles, especially heading into the weekend. However, in an effort to keep you informed, I felt it would be pertinent and informative to share with you a notice we just received from one of our supply partners (whom shall remain unnamed).
(November 2021) – Fall is a beautiful time of year. We enjoy the temperatures cooling off and love to look at the newly changing colors of the leaves on the trees.
(November 2021) – Many golfers have been frustrated with their golf clubs and have been known to slam them into the ground, throw them into trees, down the fairway and even into the nearest water hole (big or small) even though it's not the club's fault a bad shot was made, but operator error.
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