File icon01 - 2024 KHA WCWV Letter To CEOs, GR, PR.pdf
Size: 368 KB
Letter about the 2024 We CARE We VOTE Campaign. Lists all the campaign resources.
File icon2024 VoterVoice Instructions - 5-7-24.pdf
Size: 138 KB
2024 VoterVoice Instructions
File iconWCWV_Logo_Large.jpg
Size: 395 KB
We Care We Vote Logo - for member use
File icon03 - 2024 KHA WCWV Commitment and Pin Order Form.pdf
Size: 600 KB
Kansas hospitals are encouraged to host a get-out-the-vote campaign for their employees before the primary and general elections.
File icon04 - 2024 KHA WCWV Communications Plan and Checklist.pdf
Size: 355 KB
This communications plan and checklist will help you roll out the We CARE We VOTE campaign at your hospital. A 2024 timeline is included.
File icon10 - 2024 KHA WCWV Letter To Employees.docx
Size: 264 KB
Customize this sample CEO email/letter to inspire employees involvement in We CARE We VOTE.
File icon12 - 2024 KHA WCWV PinCard.pdf
Size: 249 KB
Provide this card to your employees with their We CARE We VOTE Pin. Cards and pins can be ordered from KHA.
File icon14 - 2024 KHA WCWV Internal Article Electing Leaders.pdf
Size: 640 KB
Use this sample article in your internal newsletter.
File icon05 - 2024 KHA WCWV Template Media Release.docx
Size: 265 KB
Let your community know that the hospital has launched a get-out-the-vote campaign.
File icon07 - 2024 WCWV Social Media Posts Primary Elecection.pdf
Size: 334 KB
A listing of suggested posts for use during the four weeks before the primary election.
File icon08 - 2024 WCWV Social Media Posts General Elecection.pdf
Size: 333 KB
A listing of suggested posts for use during the four weeks before the general election.
File icon05 - 2024 KHA WCWV Social Media Guide.pdf
Size: 839 KB
This guide also includes do's and don'ts for posting on social media.
File iconWCWV Social Media Graphics and Text Wks1-2.pdf
Size: 503 KB
Download week 1 and 2 of We CARE We VOTE social media graphics.
File icon15 - KHA WCWV Candidate Questions KS Legislature.pdf
Size: 367 KB
Includes questions for Kansas Legislature Candidates, about health care, 340B, KanCare/Medicaid, KanCare Expansion, workforce, behavioral health, telemedicine, reducing the cost of care, and transparency.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE PowerPoint Slides 2024.pptx
Size: 846 KB
These slides can be used with hospital boards or staff or even community groups.
File icon09 - 2024 KHA WCWV Poster Templates.pdf
Size: 325 KB
Three customizable posters. Display these posters in your elevators or around the hospital.
File iconLegal Guidlines for Election-Related Activity - AHA and Perkins Coie.pdf
Size: 195 KB
This resource walk through examples of what a 501(c)3 can and cannot do. Thank you to the American Hospital Association and Perkins Coie LLP for use of these legal guidelines, October 2023.