File iconWCWV_Logo_Large.jpg
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We Care We Vote Logo - for member use
File iconWe CARE We VOTE Pledge and Order Form 2018.pdf
Size: 190 KB
Kansas hospitals are encouraged to host a get-out-the-vote campaign for their employees before the primary and general elections.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE Comm Plan and Checklist 2018.pdf
Size: 184 KB
This communications plan and checklist will help you roll out the We CARE We VOTE campaign at your hospital. A timeline is included.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE Staff Communication.pdf
Size: 135 KB
Customize this sample CEO email/letter to inspire employees involvement in We CARE We VOTE.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE Pin Card 2018.pdf
Size: 124 KB
Provide this card to your employees with their We CARE We VOTE Pin. Cards and pins can be ordered from KHA.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE Internal News Articles 2018.pdf
Size: 155 KB
Use these sample articles in your internal newsletter or on your intranet.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE Template Media Release 2018.pdf
Size: 173 KB
Let your community know that the hospital has launched a get--out-the-vote campaign.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE Candidate Questions 2018.pdf
Size: 196 KB
Includes general questions, as well as questions about health care, KanCare, expanding KanCare, workforce, telemedicine, opioid and substance abuse, transparency and behavioral health care.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE PowerPoint Slides.pptx
Size: 1 MB
These slides can be used with hospital boards or staff or even community groups.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE How To Facebook 2018.pdf
Size: 695 KB
This guide also includes do's and don'ts for posting on social media.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE Sample Social Media Posts 2018.pdf
Size: 146 KB
A listing of suggested Facebook or Twitter posts for use during the four weeks before the election.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE Elevator Posters 2018.pdf
Size: 125 KB
Three customizable posters. Display these posters in your elevators or around the hospital.
File iconWe CARE We VOTE Postcard 2018.pdf
Size: 148 KB
Download this customizable postcard and print them for your employees to sign and mail to their legislators.
File iconAHA Legal Guidelines Election Year 2018.pdf
Size: 282 KB
This resource walk through examples of what a 501(c)3 can and cannot do. Thank you to the American Hospital Association and Perkins Coie LLP for use of these legal guidelines.
File iconKHA Voter Registration and Advanced Voting Deadlines.pdf
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To ensure your vote counts , it is important to be aware of these important deadlines for Kansas voters.