Education Brochures

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Rural health care providers are constantly being faced with new challenges and fewer resources to address those challenges. The purpose of this symposium is to provide attendees with the skills, ideas and information necessary to survive in the rapidly changing world of rural health care.
File iconbuprenorphine flyer - Salina 112219.pdf
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This seminar will specifically focus on buprenorphine treatment of opioid use disorder in an office-based setting. The standard PCSS will be presented and will quality for the first half of training to receive the DATA 2000 buprenorphine waiver.
File iconMedicare’s Mandatory Performance-Based Payment Reforms 1 Event.pdf
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The Kansas Hospital Association, in cooperation with Healthcare Association of New York State, is hosting a two-part noon briefing webinar series designed to provide an in-depth review of Medicare’s mandatory performance-based payment reforms.
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Join KHA staff for a three-part webinar series, when Bryan Warren, president and chief consultant, WarSec Security, will address the current challenges that all health care employees, volunteers, and others who interact with aggressive individuals face in the health care setting.
File iconAPR Flyer 2019.pdf
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The Kansas Hospital Association cordially invites your allied organization to participate in the KHA Allied Organizations Presidents’ Retreat on December 13, 2019, at the KHA office in Topeka.
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The Kansas Hospital Association is hosting a three-part management development webinar series. This webinar series will provide new and more experienced managers with the “nuts and bolts” of management. This webinar series is designed for all health care managers and supervisors, including those in the nursing and allied health professions, who would like to fine-tune their management skills.