Education Brochures

File icon061219 Opioid Webinar.pdf
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Join us on June 12 for a webinar in which Kim New, RN, JD, founder, Diversion Specialists LLC, will discuss how to identify risks for drug diversion and innovative approaches to preventing diversion in your facility; laws and regulations regarding safeguarding against and responding to diversion; and best practices for diversion programs.
File icon340B Compliance Workshop Brochure.pdf
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Register now and plan to attend the 340B Workshop on June 18, 2019, in Salina, KS. The 340B Workshop, hosted by the Kansas Hospital Association is designed for hospital stakeholders who are interested in learning more about operational excellence with regard to the 340B prescription programs for hospitals.
File iconPopulation Health Workshop Brochure.pdf
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Register now and plan to attend the population health workshop to learn how your hospital can address community needs in the areas of transportation, housing, education, access to healthy foods, physical activity, and others.