Critical Issues

Every day Kansas hospitals see how not having coverage stops people from getting the right care, at the right time, in the right place. That’s why hospitals are helping people get health coverage and ensuring access to essential services.
The availability of inpatient care for voluntary and involuntary patients is crucial for the well-being of Kansans. Providers need to have beds readily available for mental health patients as well as those dealing with Substance Use Disorders.
economic impact
Economic Impact of Health Care and Hospitals ... Impacts on State Employment and Income
Reductions or leveling in reimbursements, coupled with increasing numbers of uninsured and underinsured, create a difficult environment in which to meet the public's need for adequate, yet affordable health care.
Emergency Prepardness
Hospitals and emergency rooms play are a vital community resources. Hospitals must be among the best prepared, alongside police, fire, rescue and other public safety services.
KanCare Expansion Web Button
Kansas hospitals support expanding KanCare because we know that lack of insurance keeps people from receiving regular care. Kansas should opt for a new Kansas solution to the uninsured; one that builds upon the KanCare program.
optimal health
KHA is a leading advocate and provider of resources to help hospitals establish strong community norms and influence the health decisions of the public.
Hospitals engage in an array of collaborative activities designed to improve the quality and safety of the care they provide.
Hospital care, at its core, is about people caring for people. Yet combined pressures - a shrinking workforce, an aging population, financial concerns, increased demand and other stresses - have translated into a severe personnel deficit.