KHIMA - Kansas Health Information Management Association
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Kansas Health Information Management Association

The Kansas Health Information Management Association, founded in 1947, was organized for individuals working with patient information in health care related organizations. KHIMA is a component state association of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Health information managers play a major role in making our health care system work. They collect, maintain and analyze the data health care providers rely on to deliver quality health care. They are experts in managing health information and medical records, administering computer information systems and coding the diagnoses and procedures for health care services provided to patients. The resulting data is vital to patient care, reimbursement, research, planning, accreditation, continuous quality improvement and liability protection.  

KHIMA offers educational opportunities at its annual spring and fall workshops and provides other specialty training throughout the year. KHIMA, along with AHIMA, have ongoing member communication via their Web sites, and, and online news briefings. KHIMA is actively involved in recruitment and retention activities for members and students and maintains liaison relationships with other health-related organizations and governmental agencies.

For membership information, go to the AHIMA website.  Once you are a member with AHIMA, you automatically become a member with KHIMA.

Currently, KHIMA has more than 900 members. To learn more about KHIMA, go to their Web site at or contact: Ann Nowlin, KHIMA office coordinator, at (785) 221-3146. Sally Othmer also is available for questions at (785) 233-7436.


Upcoming KHIMA Events

April 11-12, 2024 - KHIMA Annual Meeting
Hilton Garden Inn, Hays, KS


July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024

KHIMA Leadership Board

Alicia Kellogg - President/Delegate
Elizabeth Goetz - President-Elect/Delegate
Jaime Richling
- Past President/Delegate
Jo Pendergrass - Secretary/Treasurer
Stephanie Helmke Costello - 2nd Year Director/Delegate
Jennifer Manahan - 1st Year Director
Katelyn Brown - Delegate

KHIMA Committee Chairs

Megan Mawhirter - Annual Meeting
Loretta Kirmer - Coding
Mary Jane Dowler - Communications & Marketing
Brenda Olson - Education
Jaime Richling - Nominating
Jennifer Brown (Smith) - Recognition
Stephanie Helmke Costello - AHIMA State Advocacy Leadery
VACANT - Succession Plan
Ann Nowlin - Office Coordinator
Sally Othmer - KHA Liaison

KHIMA Task Force/Committees/Teams

Rosann (Rose) McLean - AHIMA House Leadership
Alicia Kellogg - AHIMA Envisioning Collaborative
Julie Engelland - AHIMA State Advocacy Leader

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