HAK Documents
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File iconPolicy and Procedure 2020 revised Nov 3_.docx
Size: 120 KB
HAK Policies & Procedures
File iconHAK Form 3 for Use During COVID Pandemic.pdf
Size: 102 KB
Revised Form 3
File iconBOD.pdf
Size: 524 KB
Directory of the 2020 HAK Board of Directors
File iconDist Coord.pdf
Size: 324 KB
Directory of the 2020 HAK District Coordinators
File iconHAK Membership Brochure.pdf
Size: 123 KB
HAK Membership Brochure
File iconHAK Form 1 Revised 2020 Fillable.pdf
Size: 84 KB
HAK Form 1
File iconHAK Form 2 Revised 2020 Fillable.pdf
Size: 74 KB
HAK Form 2
File icon3 Minute Presentation District Meeting Cover Sheet Fillable.pdf
Size: 51 KB
3 Minute Presentation Form
File iconHAK Revised 2015 Bylaws Final.pdf
Size: 152 KB
Revised Bylaws 2015
File iconhak job descriptions as approved 07-2010.pdf
Size: 125 KB
HAK Job Descriptions as Approved July 2010
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