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(March 15, 2019) – This week, I attended the American Hospital Association Regional Policy Board 6 meeting in Kansas City.
(March 15, 2019) – KHA's Spring District Meeting agenda has been set. We want to have interactive conversations, so CEOs, trustees and senior staff are encouraged to attend.
(March 15, 2019) – The KHA Workers' Compensation Fund is excited to announce a new workplace violence prevention/mitigation training opportunity for health care employees.
(March 15, 2019) – This webinar will share how women perceive pain and respond to opioids differently than men, as well as specific issues to address for women of childbearing age. This offering is targeted toward clinicians, quality professionals and hospital leaders.
(March 15, 2019) – Some Kansas Hospital Association members have been experiencing difficulties receiving Current Report and Capitol Comments.
(March 15, 2019) – Topics to be covered at this forum include an introduction and history of Health Homes in Kansas, an overview of the provider application and quality measures, and a feedback session.
(March 15, 2019) – KaHEC, an organization available to persons responsible for some aspect of health care education or training in hospitals, health care organizations, academic institutions or other health-related agencies in Kansas, is hosting their spring conference, at the Holiday Inn in Salina.
(March 15, 2019) – Health Care Environmental and Linen Service personnel are invited to participate in the state's most economical seminar, KHELSA's Spring Conference, April 26 in Newton.
(March 15, 2019) – This webinar will inform participants about the benefits of implementing an Equipment Maintenance Management Program.
(March 15, 2019) – Medical Staff Coordinator, Ellsworth County Medical Center, Ellsworth; and Advanced Practice Clinician, Rural Health Clinic - Ellsworth County Medical Center, Ellsworth
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