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(Jan. 22, 2021) – The Kansas House passed House Concurrent Resolution 5003, amending the bill of rights of the state constitution to reserve to the people the right to regulate abortion through the state Legislature.
(Jan. 25, 2021) – House Bill 2122, House Bill 2124, House Bill 2126 and House Bill 2129.
(Jan. 25, 2021) – The House Children and Seniors Committee received an update from Michelle Ponce, director for Association of Mental Health Centers of Kansas.
(Jan. 25, 2021) – Today, the House Financial Institutions and Rural Development Committee held a hearing on House Bill 2069.
(Jan. 21, 2021) – The Senate Financial Institutions Committee heard Senate Bill 15, enacting the Kansas Economic Recovery Loan Deposit Program, updating the field of membership requirements for credit unions and allowing privilege-tax deductions on agricultural real estate loans and single-family residence loans.
(Jan. 22, 2021) – Next week, it is anticipated that committees will be continuing their work. At the same time, priority legislative items will likely be taken up for floor action in the House and Senate chambers.
(Jan. 22, 2021) – Senate Bill 41, Senate Bill 42, Senate Bill 48, Senate Bill 55, and House Bill 2114.
(Jan. 20, 2021) – The Kansas statehouse was under tighter security and encouraged legislators and lobbyists to participate remotely as much as possible.
(Jan. 21, 2021) – House Bill 2095, House Bill 2108 and House Bill 2110
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