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(May 24, 2022) – Yesterday, the Kansas Legislature closed the 2022 session and set a return date of Jan. 9, 2023. Each session the Kansas Hospital Association provides a summary of bills of interest to health care providers for our members.
(May 23, 2022) – Today, the Kansas Legislature addressed an unprecedented veto session #2. With last week's Kansas Supreme Court ruling last week that the re-districted legislative maps will stand, the matters before the Legislature during today's one-day session were limited to outstanding items.
(May 23, 2022) – Today, several members gave farewell addresses or were recognized by their colleagues in recognition of their decisions not to run for re-election.
(May 16, 2022) – On Friday, Governor Laura Kelly vetoed Substitute for Senate Bill 34 and House Bill 2387. The bills need a two-thirds majority of both the House and Senate chambers to see a veto override by the Legislature when they return on May 23.
(April 29, 2022) – The Kansas Legislature adjourned their work for the veto session just after 2 a.m. on April 29.
(April 29, 2022) – The Conference Committee agreed to House Substitute for Senate Bill 19, the 988 suicide hotline enacting legislation.
(April 29, 2022) – As sometimes occurs near the end of the session, there was a new proposal based on a series of other bills put together late yesterday. These proposals are many times tied to a need to secure enough votes on other proposals as things wrap up in a session.
(April 29, 2022) – The Omnibus Budget Bill contained in House Bill 2510, passed the House 95-22 and the Senate 33-7.
(April 29, 2022) – After discussion throughout the session, the food sales tax reduction proposal passed that was contained in House Bill 2106.
(April 29, 2022) – While the Conference Committee members of House and Senate Federal and State Affairs met throughout the week to discuss the provisions related to both medical marijuana, as well as sports wagering in Kansas, the committee didn't complete the agreement on medical marijuana provisions.
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