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(April 29, 2024) – On Friday, the Senate heard motions to withdraw SB 135 and SB 355 from committee.
(April 29, 2024)—Today, the legislature began taking up legislation Governor Laura Kelly had formerly vetoed.
(April 29, 2024) – Today, the Senate worked the CCR for House Substitute for Senate Bill 419.
(April 25, 2024) – The Kansas Senate saw a motion to pull SB 355, the Medicaid expansion bill, out of committee before they adjourned for the April break.
(April 25, 2024) – CMS announced the final rule related to minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes that participate in the Medicare & Medicaid programs.
(April 25, 2024) – Yesterday, the Legislative Post-Audit Committee received an update on the 2023 election security audit officials from Ford and Chase counties who appeared virtually to discuss audit issues.
(April 25, 2024) – As legislation has made its way through the process, this article includes a few bills that Governor Laura Kelly took action on this week.
(April 25, 2024) – Yesterday, Governor Laura Kelly announced the signature of the state mega budget bill contained in SB 25 with line-item vetoed provisions.
(April 25, 2024) – Yesterday, Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed Sub. for HB 2036, the tax reform legislation.
(April 16, 2024) – As bills have made their way to Governor Laura Kelly's desk, the Kansas Hospital Association wants to update you on the status of health care-related legislation.
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