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President's Message

Presidents Message (November 2021) – Fall is in the air! And, believe it or not, the holidays are looming around the corner. I am so happy we were able to get in the Golf for education in October. Everyone who attended seemed happy to be able to see others and vendors in person. The vendor feedback we received for the reverse vendor fair was very good. Probably something we will see again in the future.

We will have the election of new board members soon, so please take part in that when we do. Also, the KAHRMM Board is planning a Strategic Planning meeting to move forward in the future to meet the needs, of you, the members, to provide education and networking opportunities.

Memberships for 2022 are now due, please renew your memberships. We hope we will be back to normal soon and provide events that fit our members needs.

Thank you for all you do!
--Mike Morgan