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(September 2020) – AHRMM awarded each Chapter 10 scholarships for the $249 registration fee to attend the AHRMM20+ Virtual Conference, Sept. 22-Oct. 8.
(August 2020) – It sure seems like time is flying by this year, for not getting to do everything we normally would like to do. Maybe this will all be over soon. It sounds like they are making great strides in coming up with a vaccine that will maybe help control this pandemic.
(August 2020) – A health care provider's records retention procedure may be a coordinated responsibility between multiple departments, including supply chain.
(August 2020) – AHRMM is offering 10 scholarships to KAHRMM for our chapter members' attendee registration for the AHRMM+20 Virtual Conference & Exhibition.
(August 2020) – After thoughtful consideration, the KHA Board has made the difficult decision to not hold an in-person Convention and Trade Show in 2020.
(July 2020) – It is hard to believe that 2020 is half over. Yet, it feels like I haven't done anything but work and go home, so I can work again the next day.
(July 2020) – Does it normally take this long to get back to normal? For that matter, what is NORMAL?
(July 2020) – AHRMM has made the decision to transition the AHRMM 2020 Conference and Exhibition from a live event scheduled July 26-29 in Austin, to a virtual event in September, to keep members connected and engaged.
(July 2020) – This article was taken from a Media Release available on the KHA website.
(June 2020) – It doesn't seem like a month has gone by since our last newsletter. I hope everyone is still well. This has been such a weird year. I don't even know where to begin.
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