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KAHRMM Bulletin Board (April 2021) – KAHRMM Lunch & Learn Program – April 23, 2021 – Resiliency: Taking Supply Chain Management Forward. Watch for emails for more details to come. 

AHRMM Conference 2021: Click here for updates for the AHRMM21 Conference & Exhibition.

AHRMM: AHRMM20+ Conference & Exhibition is now available on-demand. For additional information, please visit AHRMM's website.

KAHRMM Membership: The KAHRMM Board has elected to extend your membership into 2021 if you paid your 2020 membership before the end of 2020. The new amount for dues is $50 and $75 after Sept. 30. Please see the 2021 KAHRMM Membership Form on KAHRMM's website.

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If you have updates from your Supply Chain you would like to share with your KAHRMM peers, please send them to Cindy Howard Reeves.