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(April 20, 2022) – Today, Governor Kelly also signed House Substitute for Senate Bill 267, the budget bill, into law with certain line-item provisions vetoed.
(April 20, 2022) – This week, Governor Laura Kelly signed Senate Bill 453, the legislation allowing certified nurses aides to be trained by licensed practical nurses in addition to registered nurses.
(April 19, 2022) – Late last week, Governor Laura Kelly vetoed the contents of House Substitute for Senate Bill 286.
(April 19, 2022) – Late last week, Governor Lara Kelly signed Senate Substitute for House Bill 2279. T
(April 13, 2022) – Governor Laura Kelly has taken action on several pieces of legislation this week ahead of the Legislature's return on April 25.
(April 13, 2022) – Next week, some of the conference committees will begin meeting and some interim meetings will occur ahead of the full legislative return on April 25.
(April 4, 2022) – The Judiciary Committee met several times over the course of the last week and negotiated compromise positions on a couple of health-related pieces of legislation that had been making their way through the process.
(April 4, 2022) – Last week, the House and Senate Health Committee members also took action on Senate Bill 453, Senate Bill 200 and Senate Bill 19.
(April 4, 2022) – As the Legislature wrapped up their work ahead of the first adjournment break near 1:30 a.m. on April 2, many provisions the Kansas Hospital Association has tracked had action before the Legislature adjourned. The Legislature will return to Topeka for veto session on Monday, April 25, after receiving the April tax revenue estimates.
(April 4, 2022) – Governor Laura Kelly took action to sign into law this week Senate Bill 440, which relates to occupational therapy services and provides limited services to patients without a referral.
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