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(Oct. 18, 2019) – This week, we finished our fall round of KHA District Meetings. We always appreciate the hospitality shown to KHA members and staff by our district meeting hosts.
(Oct. 11, 2019) – Good intentions often lead to unintended consequences. That truism is often applicable in healthcare situations, but perhaps it has never been more appropriate than in the case of the Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute regulations.
(Oct. 18, 2019) – The guide provides advice to clinicians for initiating a change in opioid dosage to effectively manage patients' pain, but also reduce the risk for addiction.
(Oct. 18, 2019) – The State's Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital contractor distributed a notice alerting hospitals that preliminary DSH payment and uncompensated care calculations for FY 2020 were posted to their website for review.
(Oct. 18, 2019) – Please join us for a Noon Briefing when governWell™ excutives will present the many resources and consultation services now available to your hospital and board.
(Oct. 18, 2019) – KHA, in cooperation with HANYS, is hosting a two-part Noon Briefing webinar series designed to provide an in-depth review of Medicare's mandatory performance-based payment reforms.
(Oct. 18, 2019) – This seminar will specifically focus on buprenorphine treatment of opioid use disorder in an office-based setting.
(Oct. 18, 2019) – Join KHA staff for a free review of the Kansas hospital inpatient and outpatient data submission process from the point of submission to reviewing Edit and Verification reports.
(Oct. 18, 2019) – Aetna Better Health of Kansas is hosting a series of webinars to provide updates on their progress toward resolving claims issues and credentialing concerns, share updates related to the health plan, as well as to field questions from the provider community.
(Oct. 18, 2019) – The CDC, FDA, state and local health departments, and other public and clinical partners continue to investigate lung injuries associated with electronic cigarette or vaping.
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