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Health Conference Meets

Kansas Statehouse (April 6, 2023) – Today, the House Health and Human Services and the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee agreed to put the following into a clean House Bill 2264:

House Bill 2439 requires notification to patients that the effects of a medication abortion may be reversible.

Senate Bill 297 revises the definition of "abortion" to clarify procedures that are excluded from such definition.

The House agreed to make a motion to concur on House Bill 2325: Amending the definition of "healthcare provider" for purposes of the Healthcare Provider Insurance Availability Act to include maternity centers and not include facilities where elective abortions are performed. The motion to concur in the House passed on a vote of 83-40. The bill now goes to the governor.

The House agreed to add the following inside the bill number Senate Bill 131:

Senate Bill 131 authorizes the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts to issue a sports waiver to practice healing arts professions in this state on a limited basis during certain sporting events.

House Bill 2340: BSRB Bill with an amendment to include community mental health centers requested language. The language allows pharmacy technicians to administer certain vaccines.

The House was unable to reach an agreement on the contents previously contained in House Bill 2264.