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(April 2021) – Do you know about the rainmaker risk? In this reality of thin or non-existent margins, a provider that is directly or indirectly responsible for a significant portion of your hospital's adjusted revenue presents a significant enterprise risk upon death or incapacitation.
(April 2021) – On Jan. 29, OSHA issued stronger workplace health and safety guidance for protecting employees from COVID-19 exposures.
(April 2021) – New patients receiving the COVID-19 vaccine are an opportunity to address other health concerns.
(April 2021) – There is a Blue Cross Blue Shield Subscriber Class Action Settlement in the amount of $2.67 billion that may be a substantial recovery option at a later date.
(April 2021) – Studies show 47 percent of your employees in their 40s and 50s are raising kids and taking care of aging parents. See how financial wellness may help.
(April 2021) –A practitioner's ability to speak with a patient is always critical to providing quality care. Propio Language Services provides a solution through their over-the-phone interpreter services.
(April 2021) – Nearly 40 percent of U.S. companies offer identity protection or legal services benefits at their workplace.
(April 2020) – As COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States and strain the medical system's resources, many medical facilities may be forced to redirect or relocate patients to neighboring medical facilities. These medical transports would result in increased financial exposure to the patient.
(April 2020) – Working to save a patient experiencing cardiac arrest is one of the most intense and stressful situations a hospital staff encounters. The task of accurately documenting a code is equally daunting.
(April 2020) – Current statistics show that six of ten employees are currently facing an ongoing legal issue. By working with Lawton Benefits Group, Kansas hospitals can assure exceptional service and provide the best available rates for you and your employees.
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