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SUNRx Webinar Series: 340B Strategic Regulatory Brief – Apr. 17

SunRx3 (Mar. 15, 2024) – SunRx is hosting a webinar at 1:00 p.m. on Apr. 17, offering valuable insights to aid decision-making, enabling your entity to uphold compliance and optimize its 340B pharmacy program. 

Proposed legislation at both federal and state levels necessitates that eligible 340B entities demonstrate agility and discipline in managing their programs. Successfully navigating the complex landscape of 340B pricing limitations, established by Big Pharma, demands a thorough comprehension of the existing regulatory framework. In this session, Bharath Krishnamurthy, from the American Hospital Association, will deliver a strategic regulatory briefing, offering insights into the current 340B pharmacy environment.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Current 340B federal and state regulatory environment
  • Current 340B environment with drug manufacturers
  • 340B transparency and reporting trends
  • Ways your entity can position itself moving forward


Contact SUNRx for more information. To learn more or if you have questions or need resources on 340B program management, contact John Bretz, SUNRx.
--Steve Poage