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President's Perspective – We Put Our Hearts into It

I love Kansas Healthcare (Mar. 15, 2024) – The Kansas Hospital Association soft-launched the public perception campaign, "We put our hearts into it," on Valentine's Day. The statewide campaign, now running, has a goal to improve the public perception of health care in Kansas and Kansas hospitals.

The campaign has two target audiences. The umbrella campaign counters negative perceptions about health care with positive messages and targets adults 35+. A subset of this campaign leverages message testing to help Kansas hospitals better position career opportunities within their communities. These assets target high school students (14-17), college students (18-22) and young adults (23-34).

Based on the public opinion poll and message testing conducted in 2023, KHA has developed several key messages for Kansas hospitals and health systems that better position the industry and improve public perceptions of Kansas health care; and relay the rewards of health care careers within Kansas communities.

The KHA Communications Committee suggested and reviewed resources for members to launch local public perception campaigns to complement the statewide efforts. Key messages, photos, videos, storyboards, social posts and scripts have now been added to a shared folder for KHA members. Hospitals are encouraged to make the resources their own and share them in a variety of ways, from hospital websites and social media posts to paid advertising and more.

The new shared folder includes ready-to-go resources, as well as all the building blocks to build and customize your own communication pieces. We encourage KHA members to showcase their staff in this campaign, as Kansans have strong support and trust in their local health care professionals. We also have provided tips and instructions to help members maximize the messages that are compelling and believable.

KHA statewide campaign efforts will be in paid media on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Ads will run for at least three months. We know there is a lot to love about Kansas health care, and we hope these new resources can help you showcase your staff and highlight how we "put our hearts into it." Together, we can make a difference. If you have any questions about the campaign or need additional resources, let us know.
--Chad Austin