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Updates from the House of Representatives

HouseChamber (April 4, 2023) – Today, the Kansas House of Representatives made motions to concur on the following bills coming to them from the Senate:

House Bill 2160 exempts the transport of cotton bales from the secured load requirements under certain conditions. The chamber passed the motion to concur on a vote of 118-0.

House Bill 2326 extends the sunset date on the Scrap Metal Theft Reduction Act and clarifies that catalytic converters are covered by the Act. The motion passed on a vote of 119-0.

House Bill 2313 creates the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act to provide legal protections for infants who are born alive regardless of the intent of the delivery. Motion to concur passed on a vote of 86-36.

The chamber also took action to reconsider actions from the following day related to Senate Substitute for House Bill 2053 and voted 86-32 to concur. The bill provides for a presidential preference primary election; establishes voter registration and voting procedures for such an election.

Those bills will now go to the governor.