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Legislative Post Audit Meets

Audit Committee (April 25, 2024) – Yesterday, the Legislative Post Audit Committee, chaired by Senator Caryn Tyson (R-Parker), received an update on the 2023 election security audit officials from Ford and Chase counties who appeared virtually to discuss audit issues. The committee heard about performance audits and evaluations from the motor vehicle taxes and Louisburg School District.

The committee also heard about information technology monitoring projects, including the Automated Biometric Information System and Kansas Department of Health and Environment projects. The committee held an executive session to discuss the IT Security Audit of the Board of Indigents' Defense.

Listed under consent items, the committee accepted completed performance audits, approved limited-scope audit requests, and rescinded and reconsidered audits not started.

The committee agreed to add carry-over limited-scope audits, including the hospital's compliance with the Lay Caregiver Act to future audits. The committee also selected the following limited-scope audits for the future:

  • Veteran's claims matching requirements
  • Osawatomie State Hospital
  • Virtual schools
  • Annual follow-up on foster care and social workers in school districts
  • Neglect and abuse registry's ability to cross-evaluate
  • Transient guest tax
  • Hemp production
  • Free lunch account qualification