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Introduction of Bills

Kansas Seal (Jan. 24, 2024) – Senate Bill 378 – Concerning postsecondary education; relating to the Kansas Board of Regents; making and concerning appropriations to the Kansas  Board of Regents for fiscal year 2025; providing grants to community colleges, technical colleges and the Washburn Institute of Technology for capital improvements of trade program buildings and facilities and repairs and purchases of trade program educational equipment and fixtures; establishing the Kansas Trade Service Scholarship Act to provide scholarships to students who enroll in certain trade programs; creating the Kansas Trade Service Scholarship Fund – By Senator Olson

Senate Bill 384 – Concerning health and health care; relating to emergency medical services; staffing of ambulances; permitting an ambulance to operate with one emergency medical service provider in rural cities and counties – By Committee on Local Government

House Bill 2566 – Concerning sales and compensating use tax; relating to sourcing of sales; providing for origin sourcing for certain sales – By Committee on Taxation, Requested by Representative Curtis on behalf of Mike Smallwood of the Kansas City Kansas: Chamber of Commerce

House Bill 2569 – Concerning the Kansas Department of Health and Environment; relating to childcare licensing service contracts; requiring the KDHE secretary to not renew such contracts and replacing licensing services with state employees; requiring the secretary to conduct surveys of childcare providers relating to the department's provision of childcare licensing services – By Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development, Requested by Representative Titus on Behalf of KDHE 

House Bill 2570 – Concerning employment security law; relating to the definition of benefit year, temporary unemployment, wages, statewide average annual wage and statewide average weekly wage; referencing certain new definitions for purposes of the annual determination by the secretary of the maximum weekly benefit amount; requiring electronic filing of wage reports, contribution returns and payments and interest assessments for employers with 25 or more employees; establishing minimum qualifications for candidates for membership on the Employment Security Board of Review and initial review of such candidates by the director of unemployment; extending when the mandatory combination of rates and the establishment of a new account due to a business acquisition must occur from the beginning of the following quarter to the beginning of the following year; making certain changes to the schedules governing employer contribution rates; removing obsolete language pertaining to the Employment Security Interest Assessment Fund and abolishing such fund; requiring the secretary to create an audit process within the new unemployment insurance information technology system to permit employers to submit reports regarding work search, the my reemployment plan and claimants who do not provide notification or appear for scheduled interviews; providing for notices by the secretary to active employers regarding work search noncompliance reporting options; confirming the Legislative Coordinating Council's authority to extend the new unemployment insurance information technology system's implementation date retroactively and as often as deemed appropriate by the council; requiring the secretary to notify the council of the need for an extension; authorizing the secretary to extend temporary unemployment for limited periods upon request by employers and allowing for additional temporary unemployment when requested by employers engaged in certain industries; requiring the secretary to annually post on the secretary's website certain additional calculations and data; changing the timing of employer benefit charge notices from annually to quarterly; removing the exemption for benefit charges less than $100 – By Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development, Requested by Representative Tarwater