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Introduction of Bills

Kansas Seal (Jan. 11, 2024) – House Bill 2478 – Concerning insurance; relating to the Healthcare Provider Insurance Availability Act; adding maternity center to the definition of "healthcare provider" contained therein, by Rep. Proctor

House Bill 2484 – Concerning the behavioral sciences; relating to social work; enacting the Social Work Licensure Compact to provide interstate practice privileges; authorizing the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board to establish a fee for a license with compact practice privileges, by Rep. S. Ruiz

House Bill 2487 – Concerning crimes, punishment and criminal procedure; relating to controlled substances; providing immunity from prosecution for certain drug crimes when persons seek or provide medical assistance related to the use of a controlled substance, by Reps. Hoheisel, Alcala, Probst and Proctor

House Bill 2488 – Concerning crimes, punishment and criminal procedure; relating to assisting suicide; providing criminal penalties for intentionally advising or encouraging another person to commit or attempt to commit suicide, by Rep Hoheisel

House Bill 2492 – Concerning abortion; prohibiting abortion procedures, exceptions; providing a private cause of action for civil enforcement of such prohibition, by Rep. Murphy, Fairchild, Garber, Hill, Jacobs, Poetter Parshall, Rhiley and Seiwert