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House Appropriations Passes Budgets Hears Bill

Budget Plan (Jan. 24, 2024) – Today, the House Appropriations Committee, chaired by Representative Troy Waymaster (R-Bunker Hill), heard the sub-committee report presented by Chairman Les Mason (R-McPherson) on the Kansas State Board of Nursing and the Board of Pharmacy. The committee made no changes to the governor's budget recommendations for fiscal years 2024 and 2025 for either of those agencies, except for removing one full-time employee position recommended under the Board of Pharmacy.

The committee also held a hearing on House Bill 2468, concerning the state of disaster emergencies, appointing the incident commander by the adjutant general for weather-related disasters, establishing coordinating duties of the emergency management division and establishing the grants and funds to respond to such weather-related disasters.

The committee will meet again for bill hearings and agency budget reports.