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Cancer Day at the Capitol

Kansas State House in Jan (Jan. 18, 2024) – Today, guests recognized for the survival and investments in cancer prevention and recovery in Kansas visited the statehouse and chamber floors. Visitors and legislators had access to screening services and informational resources focused on cancer care. Many committees, including the House and Senate Commerce Committees, heard from Doug Girod, MD, FACS, and Ron Chien, MD, MPH, K.U. Cancer Center.

The House Health and Human Services Committee also heard from industry experts about cancer care in the state. The committee heard from Megan Word with American Cancer Society – Kansas Chapter. Word gave the committee an outlook on cancer diagnosis and projects in Kansas, noting that 5,660 Kansans are likely to die from cancer in 2024. She highlighted socio-economic factors, cancer rates and other risk factors that contribute to cancer, as well as the treatments and tools now available to detect cancer earlier. Roy Jensen, MD, the University of Kansas Cancer Center, discussed the National Cancer Institute Comprehensive designation.

The committee asked conferees about the following topics:

  • Prior authorization and if it impedes access for cancer patients
  • Medicaid expansion and if it is important for cancer patients
  • Artificial intelligence and data privacy
  • Proton therapy
  • Cellular and gene therapy
  • Physician and nurse shortages
  • Third-party payment system is trying to defuse the high costs, what public policy can deal with that
  • The percentage of patients covered by Medicaid and private pay