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Governor Signs Bills

GovLauraKelly (April 5, 2024) – This week, Governor Laura Kelly signed bills into law including:

Senate Bill 360 changes flexibilities when contributing to a 529 Program Account, qualified ABLE Program Account, and First-Time Home Savings Account by allowing them to choose the timing of their deduction from state income tax

Senate Bill 331 updates statutory definitions regarding water supply systems and hazardous waste

Senate Bill 362 extends the Sedgwick County Urban Area Nuisance Abatement Act

Senate Bill 381 authorizes counties to appoint a district coroner at their own expense

Senate Bill 433 clarifies the practice privileges of institutional license holders

Senate Bill 491 updates the statutes regarding fingerprinting for state criminal history record checks to comply with federal requirements

House Bill 2590 updates the penalties for the Pipeline Safety Program to allow for continued state administration of the program

House Bill 2604 increases the maximum dollar amount for a small claim to $10,000

House Bill 2605 increases the maximum rate that can be paid to appointed counsel for an indigent person

House Bill 2632 expands the membership of the Law Enforcement Memorial Advisory Committee to include a representative of the Kansas Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors

House Bill 2661 requires vacancies in county commissioner districts created by an increase in the number of commissioner districts to be filled at the next general election and provides for staggered terms for such newly-elected county commissioners

House Bill 2783 prohibits a state agency, city or county from restricting the sale or use of motor vehicles based on the energy source used for the vehicles