Population Health Resources
File iconPopulation Health Paper.pdf
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Kansas Hospitals and Health Systems Engaging in Population Health - Nov. 2023
File iconKansas Immunization Provider Communication Guidance FINAL.pdf
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In 2022, KHA participated in an inter-provider vaccine communication provider project, hoping to improve communication between immunization providers in Kansas. This booklet provides updated guidance on how to communicate with other vaccine providers in Kansas.
File icon2022 Zip Code Report.pdf
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September 2022 - Assessing community health and social factors at the ZIP code level within counties across Kansas is a powerful strategy to optimize resources for effective community health improvement initiatives.
File iconKansas Health Equity Partnership Final Updated10.31.22 (2).pdf
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Partner to Eliminate Health Care Disparities Agreement
File iconKHM 2021 Indicators updated Feb 2022.pdf
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KHM 2021 Indicators that were updated in Feb. 2022
File iconWWAD Hospital Commitment Form WY and JO Counties 04 20 22.pdf
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WWAD Hospital Commitment for - JO and WY Counties - Updated 5-10-22
File iconWWAD Hospital Commitment Form 04 20 22 BCBSKS service area.pdf
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WWAD Hospital Commitment Form-BCBSKS Service Area - updated 5-10-22
File iconFinal Map with Logos 8.5x11.pdf
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This map shows Percent of Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing of Antibiotics for Acute Respiratory Illnesses (ARI) Among Prescribers in Medicaid and Medicare Claims Data by Zip Code, 2017 2018.
File iconSample SDoH questions and graph.pdf
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Sample Social Determinants of Health screening tool
File iconExample of Social Determinants.pdf
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Examples of Social Determinants of Health questions in an EHR
File iconGianfranco Pezzino Handouts.pdf
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Gianfranco Pezzino, senior fellow, Kansas Health Institute
Tatiana Lin, senior analyst and strategy team leader, Kansas Health Institute
File iconJim Blackwell-Amy Kincade Presentation.pdf
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Building Community Partnerships - Jim Blackwell & Amy Kincade
File iconTatiana-Cindy Presentation.pdf
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Tatiana Lin, Kansas Health Institute
Cindy Samuelson, vice president, member and public relations, Kansas Hospital Association
File iconQuick tips-Grant Writing.pdf
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Katy Kitchen, director of regional affiliates, Greater Salina Community Foundation
File iconadvancing population health - kansas hospitals share their stories.pdf
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Produced by the Kansas Hospital Association and the Kansas Health Institute in December 2018. Eight Kansas hospitals are featured.
File iconkhi kha population health brief.pdf
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Findings from the Population Health Survey of Kansas Hospitals, 2018 - Conducted by the Kansas Health Institute and the Kansas Hospital Association