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Tara Mays
Tara Mays
Vice President State Legislative Relations
Kansas Legislature

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File iconInstructions - Workplace Violence Posters.pdf
Size: 155 KB
Instructions and links for customizable posters for patient and employee areas on increased penalties for Violence against health care workers.
File iconTemplate Media Release - Health Care Worker Protections.doc
Size: 36 KB
Template Media Release on Health Care Worker Protections - for hospital customization.
File iconHealth Care Crimes.pdf
Size: 123 KB
A list of statutes, crimes, primary elements and sentencing severity for criminal laws common to health care workers or health care facilities in which they are victims. Sept. 2023.
File iconPlanning for and Reporting of Crime.pdf
Size: 111 KB
Planning for or reporting of a Crime - resource document for health care facilities.
File iconProtections for Health Care Workers - Letter and Sign on Names.pdf
Size: 586 KB
Letter as on April 24, 2023
File iconHB 2023 KHA Proponent Testimony Sen Judiciary- Final.pdf
Size: 283 KB
KHA Testimony on HB 2023 - March 24
File iconSB 6 Oppo testimony Final.pdf
Size: 235 KB
KHA Testimony in Opposition to SB 6 - Feb. 6
File iconKHA Testimony on KDADS Budget.pdf
Size: 249 KB
KHA Testimony on KDADS Budget - Feb. 13
File iconHB 2292 Pro KHA and Others Apprenticeship Testimony.pdf
Size: 271 KB
HB 2292 Pro KHA and Other Apprenticeship Testimony - Feb. 13
File iconKDHE Budget Testimony - House Feb 2023 Final.pdf
Size: 240 KB
KHA Testimony on KDHE's budget - Feb. 7
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