Advocacy Issue Briefs
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Tara Mays
Tara Mays
Vice President State Legislative Relations
File iconFederal One Pager 2024.pdf
Size: 717 KB
Kansas Federal Priorities - Updated Mar. 5.
File iconFederal-340B 2024.pdf
Size: 595 KB
Protect the 340B Prescription Drug Program - Updated Mar. 5
File iconFederal-MDLV 2024.pdf
Size: 836 KB
Make Medicare-Dependent Hospital program permanent. Make Low-Volume Hospital higher threshold permanent - Updated Mar. 5.
File iconFederal-Medicare Advantage 2024.pdf
Size: 667 KB
Take measures to ensure Medicare Advantage processes and practices are putting patient care first. Updated Mar. 5.
File iconFederal-Medicare Reimbursement 2024.pdf
Size: 496 KB
Take measures to ensure Medicare Advantage
processes and practices are putting patient care first. Updated Mar. 5
File iconFederal-Prior Authorization 2024.pdf
Size: 749 KB
Streamline prior authorization process on
deadlines, peer reviews and information exchange. - Updated Mar. 5
File iconFederal-Site Neutral Payments 2024.pdf
Size: 452 KB
STOP site-neutral payment policies; PROTECT Medicare - Updated Mar. 5
File iconFederal-STEM 2024.pdf
Size: 468 KB
Make nursing education programs part of STEM for work authorization - Updated Mar. 2024
File iconSTATE-340B 2024.pdf
Size: 346 KB
Support the 340B Drug Savings Program - Updated Mar. 5
File iconSTATE-KanCare Expansion 2024.pdf
Size: 285 KB
We urge legislators to take action on Medicaid Expansion and support a bipartisan, pragmatic Kansas plan improving access to care for tens of thousands of Kansans and finally put the state in the position of receiving its fair share of federal funds. - Updated Mar. 5
File iconSTATE-Mental Health 2024.pdf
Size: 357 KB
Providing Adequate Mental Health and Behavioral Health Care - Updated Mar. 5
File iconSTATE-Working for Kansas 2024.pdf
Size: 164 KB
Kansas hospitals and the health care sector benefit the financial health of our state. Policymakers should reject cuts that would harm the economy’s health care sector, a sector that created thousands of jobs. - Updated Mar. 5, 2024
File iconSTATE-Workplace Violence 2024.pdf
Size: 196 KB
The Kansas Hospital Association supports the passage of legislation to make it a crime to interfere with the conduct of a hospital – whether that is impeding employees from leaving or entering the facility, performing their duties or threatening hospital employees. - Updated Mar. 5