Trinisys is a leading provider of enterprise data migration, integration and workflow automation related to health system archival. Proven in some of the largest healthcare settings, Trinisys has more than 17 years of experience perfecting rapid and reliable software solutions that reduce organization cost, improve data quality, and ensure security and compliance.

ClearView revolutionizes the way healthcare organizations traditionally aggregate, process and access clinical, financial and operational data from disparate legacy systems. The intuitive point-and-click solution serves as a single source of truth for providers and ROI teams and enables users to start using the platform in minutes.

A few advantageous features include:

  • Consolidation of non-strategic and disparate legacy systems into a single repository
  • Role-base views and controls with detailed auditing functionality that can be exported to monitoring services
  • Granular access to practice and document types based on Active Directory Groups to enhance system compliance
  • Robust search capabilities allow users to quickly retrieve data, as well as view detail at the facility, encounter, or document level
  • Reliable infrastructure with on-premise or Cloud offerings

Trinisys has deep experience with more than 200 EHR, PM, and ERP solutions, making us confident in our approach of identifying data migration, conversion, storage, and access requirements and implementing the best solution to fit organizational needs.

For more information about Trinisys ClearView, please visit, or reach out to Pat Regan at or (629) 800-5852.