SunRx 340B Drug Program
SUNRX  Simplified

KHSC, along with Associated Purchasing Services, has agreed with SUNRx to assist 340B-eligible hospitals in establishing and operating a 340B contract and in-house pharmacy arrangements through consulting, processes and servicing. SUNRx will support hospitals in evaluating, planning, and implementing a 340B program for their entity.

Eligible 340B hospitals include non-profit Critical Access Hospitals, as well as Regional Referral Centers and Sole Community Hospitals with Disproportionate Share Hospital levels above a certain threshold. Eligible hospitals must register with HRSA's Office of Pharmacy Affairs. The registration website is located at

To learn more about the SUNRx 340B program, please contact Steve Poage, KHSC, at (785) 233-7436; or Bubba Bartlett, SUNRX, via email at Bubba Bartlett, manager, regional sales, at, or call (619) 890-9462.


 340B. Simplified. SUNRx partners with Covered Entities and Pharmacies to manage the complexities of the 340B program, continuously evolving solutions that promote transparency and provide choice in decision-making.

SUNRx provides a complete 340B Solution. SUNRx:

  • Works collaboratively to improve 340B performance.
  • Combines technology and expertise to streamline processes.
  • Provides knowledge and insight for informed decision-making.

Complete 340B Solutions:

  • Contract Pharmacy
  • Uninsured 340B Prescription Discount Card
  • 340B Pharmacy Solution
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Referral Capture
  • Advanced Claims Capture
  • Split Billing
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