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- OEM Service Contact Alternative


KHSC is partnered with Remi, a cost savings alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Service Contracts. Remi can extend the life of equipment by providing heavily discounted service options for "older" dependable equipment, long after the OEM deems the equipment obsolete. KHSC has negotiated a minimum guaranteed savings of at least 15 percent on eligible equipment, and that guarantee will grow as more hospitals utilize the services of Remi.Learn more about how Remi is working with Kansas hospitals by watching these videos:

GETTING STARTED IS EASY!! Simply email your OEM Service Contracts to: for a no-obligation contract evaluation. Please include all Terms & Conditions and pricing. This will help Remi to match service levels and provide your guaranteed savings. Or feel free to contact or email our Senior Partnership Advisor: Tom Neathamer at (615) 260-4237 or


Register now and plan to attend the 340B Workshop on June 18, 2019, in Salina, KS. The 340B Workshop, hosted by the Kansas Hospital Association is designed for hospital stakeholders who are interested in learning more about operational excellence with regard to the 340B prescription programs for hospitals.
This popular KHA program allows hospital employees who display outstanding leadership abilities to be recognized and receive additional leadership training to enhance their skills.
Discussion of activities for SHIP-eligible hospitals
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For more information on the AHA Regional Policy Board Meeting, contact Amy Fluke at (785) 233-7436 or