Trustee Resources
Health care is the most complex, demanding, fast-paced and rapidly changing industry in America. We commend hospital trustees for their dedication to Kansas hospitals and the health care of Kansans.

Board of Trustees Governance Manual
The Kansas Hospital Association’s Board of Trustees Governance Manual has been designed to make it easy for you to develop a governance manual customized to your hospital. The documents below are in Microsoft Word templates that enables you to quickly and easily add and delete content to customize the manual and appendixes to your organization's unique needs.


Kansas Health Care Terms and Abbreviations - Third Edition
We are pleased to provide members with this resource specifically designed for hospital trustees/board members: Kansas Health Care Terms and Abbreviations, Third Edition. If you are interested in booklet, please complete an order form.


National Health Care Governance Survey Report
The 2014 National Health Care Governance Survey Report summarizes information about the state of hospital and health care governance, includes data about different types of boards, board selection and evaluation, board culture, and readiness for health care transformation.

Your Grassroots Support Is Needed
Hospital trustees are an important part of KHA's grassroots advocacy efforts. Please join KHA's Partnership for Action team by completing a "who you know" grassroots contact information form. The information you share will remain confidential for KHA use only.


IRS Form 990 - Q and A
The IRS has issued a re-designed annual information return with numerous “new” questions that must be answered by hospitals and other tax-exempt organizations. Form 990 now consists of an 11-page “core form” and 16 related schedules, including Schedule H designed solely for tax-exempt hospitals. Legal counsel from the American Hospital Association has developed this document to address key questions that trustees will want to know about the New IRS Form 990.


Governance Education On Demand

Trustee Foundations

The Kansas Hospital Association in conjunction with The Walker Company Healthcare Consulting, LLC is now offering dozens of affordable and topical governance education programs that may be easily downloaded and used as needed. Programs include:

    • The Board's Fiduciary Responsibility 
The Board's Role in Strategic Planning 
    • Building Bonds: Pathways to Better Board/CEO Relationships
    • Ensuring Conflict-Free Governance
    • Creating a Positive Workplace Culture 
    • And many more ... Just click on the Trustee Foundations.



Trustee Education on


The Hospital Governance series is a set of online courses offered through careLearning that provide governance education to new and experienced trustees. The Hospital Governance series includes the following courses:

    • Overview and Board Duty Basics 
    • Committees, Leadership, Self-Assessment and More 
    • Conflicts of Interest and Compliance 
    • Trustee Responsibility for Quality and Safety 
    • Financial Basics and Background 
    • Financial - Responsibility, Collections, Balance Sheets, 
        Operating Statements, and Audit Report 
    • Financial - Cash Flow, Financial Dashboard and Board Focus

The Hospital Governance series can be purchased by organizations or individuals. For more information about the series, including a full description, go to and click on the Course Catalog. Click on "Leadership/Management" and scroll to the desired series. Multi-year purchases, group discounts and a 30-day free trial are available. All KHA members can purchase these courses (use of other careLearning products is not required).


Trustee Accountability and Recognition Program
As a response to the need for hospitals to be able to demonstrate their accountability to legislators, attorneys general and their communities, KHA provides a Trustee Accountability and Recognition Program. The program recognizes trustees at the KHA Critical Issues Summit for the standards of excellence they uphold, governance best practices they adhere to, and the education in which they have invested. 


Trustee of the Year Award

The Trustee of the Year Award recognizes and honors a hospital board member who is a leader, gives back to the community and routinely goes beyond the call of duty. KHA members are encouraged to recognize those trustees who have served with distinction and made significant contributions to the betterment of their hospital and community - online nomination form.


The Trustee Resource is a quarterly newsletter for KHA member hospital trustees.