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KHA STAT highlights many of the recent initiatives of the Kansas Hospital Association, as well as statistics about hospitals and the health care industry of Kansas. KHA STAT provides demographics, hospital trends, analytical explanations and more. Additional information in specific areas may be obtained by contacting the Kansas Hospital Association or any of the agencies cited as sources. Numerous maps, lists and downloadable files can be found by clicking on the Kansas Hospitals icon on the left of the page.

Hospital-Specific Data(updated 102315)

The link above takes you to a searchable, dynamic, online tool with hospital-specific data on structure and utilization. If you prefer an Excel listing, click: Hospital-Specific Information.

Distribution of Kansas Community Hospitals, Community Hospitals by Bed Size and Community Hospital Services.
Utilization and Finance Trends, Rate of Inpatients Discharged, Top Diagnostic Related Groups, Top Inpatient Procedures, National Comparisons, Patient Migration, Distribution of Discharges and Inpatient Days.
Highest Projected Job Openings, Quantity of Health Care Professionals, Vacancy and Turnover Rates and Data, Health Professional Shortage Areas.
Finance Trends in Kansas Community Hospitals, Non-Reimbursed Care in Kansas Community Hospitals, The Nation's Health Dollar, Hospital Care Expenditures, Health Insurance Coverage, Premium Increases, and the Uninsured.
Economic Impact of Health Care and Hospitals ... Impacts on State Employment and Income
Web-Related Resources for Hospital and Health Care Data and Statistics