Data Products and Services


Data Products and Services

KHA has a number of resources that provide data, information and assistance for the hospital community, public and others.

KHA Member Services:

For those outside of KHA membership:

HA STAT highlights statistics about hospitals and the health care industry in Kansas. You'll find hospital-specific information, as well as trends and analytical explanations. Reproduction of data or linking to is permitted, provided the source is cited.
npatient and Outpatient Data
Participating KHA member hospitals submit patient level inpatient and outpatient data. The submitted data is made available online through the web-based HIDI Analytic Advantage Reporting and query tool. Additionally, both inpatient and outpatient data sets are available for a processing fee.
alary and Benefits Surveys
The KHA Compensation and Benefits surveys are free to KHA member hospitals. The KHA survey is conducted through CompData eSurveys. and allows hospitals to compare their data to other hospitals and certain non-health care related companies. The Executive Compensation Survey is a confidential survey contains salary and benefit information for the C-Suite.
uality and Patient Safety
KHA helps hospitals connect with quality data through  Quality Health Indicators , QHi. KHA also works with Press Ganey to provide the Quality Performer project, a Joint Commission and ORYX approved vendor for PPS hospitals.
inancial Measurement Tools
MedPar Report: The MedPar file contains records for 100 percent of Medicare beneficiaries using short-stay hospital inpatient services. QHI, the Quality Health Indicators web-based benchmarking tool provides an enterprise-wide dashboard that includes over 70 financial and operational measurements.
ata Newsletter
This section contains current and previous issues of the Data Newsletter.
icensure and Utilization
Kansas uses the KHA (AHA) Annual Survey to meet the state licensure requirements. The KHA Annual Survey is available online to all Kansas hospitals. Our monthly utilization review program provides monthly utilization statistics for participating hospitals.
Tools and resources for ICD-10, the 10th edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) standards using Clinical Modifications (CM) and the Procedure Coding System (PCS).

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