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The Kansas Health Service Corporation was founded in November 1984 for the purpose of providing needed products and services to Kansas Hospital Association member hospitals. KHSC's primary objective is to partner with organizations that can provide quality products and services to Kansas health care institutions at a reasonable price. KHSC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KHA. Therefore, a secondary objective of KHSC is to support KHA in meeting its mission to serve hospitals.

KHSC staff members and multiple partnering organizations are ready to assist you.

KHSC Staff

A complete list of KHSC staff including photos and contact information.

KHSC Endorses Class Action Capital

The Kansas Health Service Corporation is excited to announce we have partnered with Class Action Capital, a market leader in class action settlement claim management. Class Action Capital is already successfully working with a large number of hospitals across the country helping to recover substantial refunds on their behalf from two recent class action settlements totaling $728,000,000. We are excited to offer their value add services to KHA members.

After successfully adding a number of hospitals to two settlements that closed in early 2016, KHSC is now promoting two new settlement opportunities. There is a large Visa/MasterCard settlement and one for blood reagents.

To sign up for one of these settlements, simply call John Borley with Class Action Capital at (914) 200-0020, or go to the website links listed below:

The Kansas Health Service Corporation endorses KaMMCO (Kansas Medical Mutual Insurance Company) as the preferred provider of professional and general liability insurance for hospitals, physicians and other health care professionals.
The Kansas Health Service Corporation is a for-profit subsidiary of the Kansas Hospital Association and provides needed products and services to KHA member hospitals. The KHA Workers’ Compensation Fund is a taxable workers’ compensation pool operated by KHSC.
The Kansas Health Service Corporation Newsletter is provided to KHA members quarterly to explain the latest trends in the insurance industry. 

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For more information or to participate, contact Jan Fenwick at or (785) 233-7436.
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