Hospital-Specific Data

Hospital Organizational Structure and Utilization

Data on hospital organization, structure and utilization was collected in the 2012 AHA/Kansas Hospital Survey in January 2013. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Hospital Association agreed to use one survey to meet both of our data collection needs and to reduce the reporting burden on facilities. The survey satisfies the state's reporting requirement for licensure (KSA 65-429). These data collection efforts also fulfill the requirements of the American Hospital Association's Annual Survey, and reported information is used to compile the AHA Guide and the AHA's Hospital Statistics.

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A complete hospital-specific table with the data below and statewide totals can be printed using the Excel file below:

Hospital-Specific Data - Excel File

AbileneDickinsonMemorial Health SystemRuralCAH, SBDISTNP 253577448874231840264752319550418487268444767546341319414976
AndoverSedgwickKansas Medical CenterUrban    5858 02782 10096 8115106518836232      0 
AnthonyHarperAnthony Medical CenterRuralCAH, SBDISTNP 2525 0292 3314 93883501014145 511 11 27 
Arkansas CityCowleySouth Central Kansas Reg CtrRuralMDH, SBCityNP 4937 1821104 4165 770618114527128603 2767 257 567 
AshlandClarkAshland Health CenterRuralCAH, SBDISTNPM/L24242101293970647991203500494880798014125342701
AtchisonAtchisonAtchison HospitalRuralCAH, SBNFPNP 2525 181970 3288 3766820916609304420 1210 188 309 
AtwoodRawlinsRawlins County Health CenterRuralCAH, SB NPM/L2424 0365 1586 7288153785231 1196 21 56 
BellevilleRepublicRepublic County HospitalRuralCAH, SBNFPNPM/L2525385910219415122111039809135583206267748327198865222036260
BeloitMitchellMitchell Cnty Hosp Hlth SystRuralCAH, SBNFPNPM/L2535409613064019577124151228514596533691157217044204425151186159
BurlingtonCoffeyCoffey County HospitalRuralSCH, SBCNTYNP 3636429097511135761095219470174959391056001721010482138271
CaldwellSumnerSumner Cnty Hosp District 1RuralCAH, SBDISTNP 1515 0208 994 4178086782171 893 10 32 
ChanuteNeoshoNeosho Memorial Reg Med CenterRuralCAH, SBCNTYNPM/L2525 3071843 6763 3302230321829118916 4456 367 961 
Clay CenterClayClay County Medical CenterRuralCAH, SBCNTYNP 2525 68829 3765 2209283213350615 3200 55 112 
CoffeyvilleMontgomeryCoffeyville Reg Medical CtrRuralMDHNFPNPM/L12868202082482348118923599511059442316102311335322592634674289102263
ColbyThomasCitizens Medical CenterRuralCAH, SBNFPNP 25256314049615203681897322718516325212510882060612312325
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