Hospital-Specific Data

Hospital Organizational Structure and Utilization

Data on hospital organization, structure and utilization was collected in the 2013 AHA/Kansas Hospital Survey in January 2014. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Hospital Association agreed to use one survey to meet both of our data collection needs and to reduce the reporting burden on facilities. The survey satisfies the state's reporting requirement for licensure (KSA 65-429). These data collection efforts also fulfill the requirements of the American Hospital Association's Annual Survey, and reported information is used to compile the AHA Guide and the AHA's Hospital Statistics.

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A complete hospital-specific table with the data below and statewide totals can be printed using the Excel file below:

Hospital-Specific Data - Excel File

AbileneDickinsonMemorial Health SystemRuralCAH, HHA, MD, SBHospital dNP 2525814584324566927823434025736548997041451661130361412815001
AndoverSedgwickKansas Medical CenterUrban Investor oFP 5858 12683 10050 85871445190166860 0 0 0 
AnthonyHarperAnthony Medical CenterRuralCAH, SBHospital dNP 2525 0251 2761 211633721255130 397 12 31 
Arkansas CityCowleySouth Central Kansas Reg CtrRuralMD, SBCityNP 4937 1571014 3852 2354225113207228408 1500 229 496 
AshlandClarkAshland Health CenterRuralCAH, MD, SBHospital dNPM/L2424210110546624604113530051194076807316652667
AtchisonAtchisonAtchison HospitalRuralCAH, SBOther not-NP 2525 1441089 3801 6858426717008665571 2415 160 454 
AtwoodRawlinsRawlins County Health CenterRuralCAH, SBCountyNPM/L2424 0290 1337 18147053792225 1223 8 13 
BellevilleRepublicRepublic County HospitalRuralCAH, SBOther not-NPM/L252538478376939611193013036139578216063331329452262191936259
BeloitMitchellMitchell County Hospital Health SystemsRuralCAH, SB, SCPCountyNPM/L252540961574231072812560132871731853325411750864705292004611
BurlingtonCoffeyCoffey County HospitalRuralSB, SCP, HHACountyNP 363642103867122810106161543015990437844180130207361997496
CaldwellSumnerSumner county Dist. #1 HospitalRuralCAH, SBHospital dNP 1515 0122 599 4441288582108 594 3 5 
ChanuteNeoshoNeosho Memorial RMCRuralCAH, SB, HHA, PIPCountyNPM/L2525 2131685 6731 3393429820348909734 3670 259 672 
Clay CenterClayClay County Medical CenterRuralCAH, SBCountyNP 2525 70733 3304 43606292743135584 2894 32 85 
CoffeyvilleMontgomeryCoffeyville Reg Medical CtrRuralHHA, MDOther not-NPM/L128682022818363026364326252404810223292821112257460728986933161420
ColbyThomasCitizens Medical CenterRuralCAH, SBOther not-NP 25256313449121285420137120857086254826808610552213613178
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