KHA Workers' Compensation Fund

KHA Workers' Compensation Fund, Inc., is a taxable workers' compensation pool operated by the Kansas Health Service Corporation. This fund was formed in 1991. It is organized in accordance with the workers' compensation statutes of the State of Kansas.

KHA Workers' Compensation Fund's primary objective is to provide moderately priced workers' compensation insurance to Kansas Hospital Association members. Customer service is enhanced by the Kansas Health Service Corporation claims management.

The individual pool members for each plan year are considered the owners of the KHA-WC pool for that year. They are eligible for premium refunds and are responsible for potential assessments. A separate board of directors, comprised of pool member representatives, governs KHA Workers' Compensation Fund.


Third Party Administration:

Claim management for the KHA Workers' Compensation Fund, Inc., is provided by KHSC Insurance and Risk Management. In-house claim administration is an important feature of membership in the KHA-WC Fund. We believe it brings added value because we understand our members' business and have an established relationship. We work together with our members in managing claims.


We believe that workplace safety is achieved by promoting safe behaviors. Every member of an organization should recognize the importance of safety as part of their job performance. The KHA Workers' Compensation Fund provides safety consulting services for its members through Safety Insights. With the help of Safety Insights, we developed a safety manual that provides valuable information to assist our members in creating a safety culture within their organization.

Please visit the following Web sites for a treasure of safety information, including policies, forms and unbelievable resources/links:  

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