KHA Workers' Compensation Fund


KHA Workers' Compensation Fund

KHA Workers' Compensation Fund, Inc., is a taxable workers' compensation pool operated by the Kansas Health Service Corporation. This fund was formed in 1991. It is organized in accordance with the workers' compensation statutes of the State of Kansas.

KHA Workers' Compensation Fund's primary objective is to provide moderately priced workers' compensation insurance to Kansas Hospital Association members. Customer service is enhanced by the Fund Administrator and Safety Program Manager.

The individual pool members for each plan year are considered the owners of the KHA-WC pool for that year. They are eligible for premium refunds and are responsible for potential assessments. A separate board of directors, comprised of pool member representatives, governs KHA Workers' Compensation Fund.

The Fund has approximately 70 members. Almost 60 percent of the current membership has been in the Fund for more than 15 years. All sizes of hospitals are eligible for participation.



Third-Party Administration:

Claim management for the KHA Workers' Compensation Fund, Inc., is provided by CORnerstone Risk Solutions (CRS) - a division of IMA. We understand our members' business and have more than 20 years of established relationships. KHAWCF and CRS work together with our members in managing claims.

CRS is now offering the option to submit First Report of Injuries on-line. If you would like additional information regarding on-line reporting please contact Ronni Anderson at, (785) 233-7436.

Save The Date: KHAWC Fund and CRS will be hosting a "Timely Reporting" Webinar April 19, 2016.

Registration coming soon.


We believe that workplace safety is achieved by promoting safe behaviors. Every member of an organization should recognize the importance of safety as part of their job performance. The KHA Workers' Compensation Fund provides complimentary safety consulting services for its members through our in-house Safety Program Manager Chris Saiya. Chris provides valuable information to assist our members in creating a safety culture within their organization.

We offer several safety skills enhancement services such as our new "No Lift Patient Transfer Techniques." This training is designed to help your employees safely lift and properly transfer patients.

Contact Chris Saiya for additional information, (785) 233-7436.


OSHA Fines to Increase Significantly in 2016

Per the National Safety Council Safety+Health Magazine, Occupational Safety and Health Administration fines will increase for the first time in a quarter century under a provision in the recently signed Congressional budget deal.

The Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990 exempted OSHA from increasing its penalties to account for inflation. The new budget, signed into law on Nov. 2 by President Barack Obama, contains an amendment that strikes the exemption. 

Now, OSHA is directed to issue an interim final rule increasing its penalties to account for current inflation levels, which would raise proposed fines by approximately 80 percent. This would mean the maximum penalty for a willful violation would rise to approximately $127,000 from the current $70,000. The adjustment must occur before Aug. 1, 2016. In subsequent years, OSHA also will be allowed – for the first time – to adjust its penalties levels based on inflation.

The last time OSHA's maximum penalty levels were increased was in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990.

Annual OSHA 300A Summary Posting Requirement Reminder
Don't forget, your Occupational Safety and Health Administration 300A summary form must be posted from Feb.1 through April 30. OSHA requires that employers publicly post their accident statistics, (no personal information.) Refer to 
OSHA website for details about the requirement and instructions for completing the summary. 

In addition to OSHA civil penalties increasing approximately 80 percent  in 2016, be prepared to see more investigations and criminal prosecutions of employers for worker endangerment violations due to a new initiative involving the Departments of Justice and Labor. For more information, refer to the Justice of Labor 
press release

Contact Chris Saiya for additional information, (785) 233-7436.

Please visit the following websites for a treasure of safety information, including policies, forms and unbelievable resources/links:  

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