Happy In Health Care
Two-year degree training or less
Certified Nurse Aide
CNAs provide or assist with basic care or support under the direction of onsite licensed nursing staff. They perform duties such as monitoring of health status, feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting or ambulation of patients in a health or nursing facility.
Emergency Medical Technician
EMT’s assess injuries and illnesses and administer basic emergency medical care that may include transportation of injured or sick persons to medical facilities.
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Four-year degree or specialty training
Radiological Technologist
Radiologic Technologists and Technicians take x-rays and CAT scans or administer nonradioactive materials into patient’s bloodstream for diagnostic or research purposes.
Respiratory Therapist
Respiratory Therapist assess, treat and care for patients with breathing disorders. They assume primary responsibility for all respiratory care modalities, including the supervision of respiratory therapy technicians
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Advanced degree training
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
ARNPs diagnose and treat acute, episodic or chronic illness, independently or as part of a health care team. They may focus on health promotion and disease prevention, order, perform or interpret diagnostic tests such as lab work and x rays and prescribe medication.
Physician Assistant
Physician Assistants provide health care services typically performed by a physician, under the supervision of a physician. They conduct complete physicals, provide treatment, counsel patients and prescribe medication. PAs must graduate from an accredited educational program for physician assistants.
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Enter Our TikTok Contest!

Kansans, show us how you’re #HappyInHealthCare

To inspire the next generation into the health care field, we’re hosting a contest for students and health care professionals in Kansas to help us inspire others!

Making a TikTok video is fast and easy, and students and health care professionals could win one of three valuable prizes. Here’s how the contest works:

Create a video on your personal TikTok profile (it’s free to start an account if you don’t already have one). Your video can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it is “family friendly” (no profanity or adult content), does not divulge any patient identities or information, and aims to help others see the value of working in health care.*

Before publishing your video, be sure to include #HappyInHealthCare.
Make sure to complete the form at the bottom to enter for your chance to win!

* Other terms and conditions apply, click to see more details.

Three Winners, Three Great Prizes

All qualifying entries will be eligible for one of these grand prizes and the opportunity to be featured in a future Happy In Health Care campaign:

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Winners will be chosen based on total views and audience engagement, as well as quality of messaging, production, and portrayal of the health care field.

How to Create the Video

  1. Create or log in to your personal TikTok account.
  2. Search for a song you’d like to use (be sure to use the clean version of any music or sound and avoid the use of copywritten material). Click on the song next to the music icon to open the template, then select “Use this sound” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Record your video.
  4. When you have the recorded version you like, select the red check mark to continue.
  5. Use the “Text” button at the bottom to add your text bubbles to the video. To adjust the timing of the text, click on the text bubble you’ve created, select “Edit” and drag the clip to the chosen length.
  6. Include the hashtag #HappyInHealthcare and the following disclaimer: “Disclaimer: This video content is solely my own and does not represent the views and perspectives of my school/employer.”
  7. Once the video is complete, click “Next” to publish it. As always, patient privacy is our number one priority. Please protect patient information appropriately and follow any and all institutional, state, and federal guidelines.

Claim Your Chance to Win!

Once you’ve published your video, simply complete the form below to be eligible for a prize.

Discover #happyinhealthcare