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How COVID-19 May Change Health Care Permanently

AHA Logo (Feb. 8, 2021) – The American Hospital Association 2021 Environmental Scan predicts 10 ways that COVID-19 may change health care permanently:

  1. Technology: Acceleration of telemedicine, acceleration of digital health options, and innovations with drones and robotics.
  2. Benefits: Expansion of health reimbursement arrangement for employees.
  3. Surgeries: New strategies for elective surgeries.
  4. Aides: Growth of home-health aides.
  5. Disparities: An increased focus on racial disparities.
  6. Drug Prices: A push for the government to negotiate drug prices.
  7. Supply Chain: Development of local supply chain sources and an increase in U.S. drug manufacturing.
  8. Preparedness: A new era of health care preparedness.
  9. Scope of Practice: Increase scope of practice for non-physicians.
  10. Payment for Value: New payment models and a continued shift away from fee-for-service.

Source: American Hospital Association. 2021 Environmental Scan. 2020.