KanCare FAQs


KanCare FAQs
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When will these changes take effect?
The State issued the KanCare RFP on November 9, 2011.
The State anticipates completing contract negotiations with the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) in June of 2012 with the implementation of KanCare beginning in January of 2013. A detailed summary of the State’s KanCare timeline may be found here.
Join us for a KHA Noon Briefing on Friday, Dec. 14, when KHA will share the summary as well as information on two nurse residency programs available to nurses working in Kansas hospitals. Our presenters, Joyce Mattison and Shari Hertel, HaysMed, part of The University of Kansas Health System, will share information on Hays in-person program. In addition, Nicole Weathers, The University of Iowa College of Nursing, will present its online residency program.
Discussion of activities for SHIP-eligible hospitals
For more information, contact Healther Fuller, MS, FACHE, at hfuller@srhc.com or (785) 452-6102.
Discussion of quality issues for CAHs
For more information on this meeting, contact Dee Dee Dewell at deedee.dewell@ascension.org or (316) 858-4988.