KanCare FAQs


KanCare FAQs
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In the event that the KanCare program is unable to begin on January 2, 2012, what is the state’s “Plan B”?
According to agency officials, the state would potentially
1) extend the agreements with the current Medicaid MCOs (FHP and Unicare) or 2) take over the Medicaid program and operate it similar to the FFS Medicaid program.
Discussion of activities for SHIP-eligible hospitals
For more information, contact Healther Fuller, MS, FACHE, at hfuller@srhc.com or (785) 452-6102.
Discussion of quality issues for CAHs
For more information on this meeting, contact Dee Dee Dewell at deedee.dewell@ascension.org or (316) 858-4988.
For more information regarding this meeting, contact Sarah Gideon, Executive Director, (785) 354-6137 or sgideon@stormontvail.org.