Hospital Pricing Transparency Resources


Hospital Pricing Transparency Resources
File iconPrice Transparency Recommendations for KHA Members.pdf
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Dec. 3, 2018
File iconPrice Transparency - Talking Points.pdf
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Dec. 3, 2018
File iconPatient Price Transparency FAQs 12-18.pdf
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Dec. 18, 2018
File iconPricing Transparancy Slide Handouts.pdf
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Fall 2018 District Meeting Slides on Pricing Transparency
File iconAHA Updated Price Transparency Guidelines 11-6-2018.pdf
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AHA Updated Price Transparency Guidelines -Oct. 10, 2018
File iconConsumer Guide to Healthcare Prices.pdf
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Understanding Healthcare Prices: A Consumer Guide
Discussion of activities for SHIP-eligible hospitals
For more information, contact Healther Fuller, MS, FACHE, at or (785) 452-6102.
Discussion of quality issues for CAHs
For more information on this meeting, contact Dee Dee Dewell at or (316) 858-4988.
For more information regarding this meeting, contact Sarah Gideon, Executive Director, (785) 354-6137 or