Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement Resources
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File iconPayment Rule Brief OPPS FR 2019.pdf
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See Nov. 30 Issue of Current Report - article entitled CY 2019 Medicare OPPS Analysis Distributed; Webinar Offered on Dec. 10.
File iconKansas Register Notice of SPA Language for Medicaid DSH 2020.pdf
Size: 489 KB
DSH SPA Changes Kansas Register 11-15-18
File iconSide by Side Comparison DSH SPA Current to Proposed 2020.pdf
Size: 93 KB
2020 Medicaid DSH Side-by-Side Comparison Current Report 11-30-18
File iconCMS Update110718.pdf
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CMS Region 7 Update - 11-06-18
File iconCMS Update101018.pdf
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CMS Region 7 Update - 10-05-18
File iconCMS Update 082418.pdf
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CMS Region 7 Update - 08-24-18
File icon2018 Federal FAQs-Req-Hospital-Public-List-Standard-Charges.pdf
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Requirements for Hospitals to Make Public a List of Their Standard Charges via the Internet
File iconMedicaid Round Table Discussion -- HMA.pdf
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Medicaid Round Table Discussion -- HMA
File iconCMS Updates -- Ing Jye Chen.pdf
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CMS Updates -- Ing Jye Chen
File icon9-20 Updated Attendee List.pdf
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Attendee List
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