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Serious Battle with COVID-19 Doesn't Stop Cindy Reimer

Cynthia Reimer (July 9, 2021) – KHA's Health Care Worker of the Year Award highlights hospital employees who have made a significant contribution to the betterment of their hospital. These individuals are nominated for this award because they routinely go above and beyond the call of duty.

During the midst of the pandemic, Cynthia (Cindy) Reimer, nursing director for Olathe Medical Center, experienced a severe case of community-acquired COVID-19. This was especially challenging as Cindy organized and supervised the hospital's COVID-19 unit. Her daily input helped shape the hospital's model of pandemic care, and she consistently worked with all units to keep everyone safe.

Since Cindy came to OMC four years ago, she has been a leader in safety and patient care. Every day, she communicates and collaborates with staff to assess all actions and makes immediate decisions to best serve the patients. Her colleagues depend on her cooperative spirit and respect her attention and dedication to patient care.

Over the past year, Cindy's most significant contribution has been her leadership of the COVID-19 unit. Even during the worst of her illness, Cindy's concern was for the safety of her family and staff. Cindy returned to the COVID-19 unit as soon as she recovered, offering not only her professional expertise but a strong empathy and shared connection for patients experiencing the terrifying illness.

Cindy's significant brush with COVID-19 afforded an insight into a struggle thousands of Kansans endured over the last year. She emerged from it ready to lead and help Kansans struggling with the illness. Thank you for being the kind of leader who takes a traumatic experience and uses it to channel care and compassion to others.

The Kansas Hospital Association congratulates Cindy on her nomination and recognizes the contribution she makes to her community. She will be recognized, along with other Health Care Worker of the Year nominees, during the KHA Awards Luncheon at the 2021 KHA Annual Convention, Thursday, Sept. 9, at the Hyatt Regency Wichita/Century II Convention Center in Wichita.
--Shelby Stacy