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President's Perspective – Celebrating Hope and Healing

Hospital Week Logo (May 10, 2019) – Next week, May 12-18, we celebrate National Hospital Week. The observance actually dates back to 1921, when it was suggested by a magazine editor as a community-wide celebration. The celebration, launched in Chicago, succeeded in promoting trust and goodwill among members of the public and eventually spread to facilities across the country. Now, it provides a great opportunity to recognize the important role that Kansas hospitals play in their communities.

This year, National Hospital Week focuses on the important values of hope and healing—values that are represented every day by the women and men who support the health and wellbeing of their communities through dedication and compassionate care from the heart.

Celebrating National Hospital Week provides an opportunity to thank all of the dedicated individuals – physicians, nurses, therapists, engineers, food service workers, volunteers, administrators and so many more – for their contributions.

It's also important to remind our communities and our elected officials of the vital role our hospitals and health care providers play improving community health across our nation. This extends far beyond strictly providing medical care, stretching into the economic impact we have in our communities. We rely on our hospitals to be there for us 24/7, regardless of our patients' ability to pay. Now, more than ever, this message has to be heard on both the state and federal levels.

During this week in which we celebrate hospitals, the staff at the Kansas Hospital Association would like to salute all hospital employees in Kansas who are truly champions of care. We recognize that a hospital is more than a place where people go to heal, it is a part of the community that fosters health and represents hope. From providing treatment and comfort to the sick, to welcoming new life into the world, hospitals are the lifeblood of a healthy and optimistic community. KHA has sent out a statewide media release and produced a short video we will feature on social media next week.

Thank you for everything you do!
--Tom Bell