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President's Perspective – Where the Candidates Stand and Who Kansas Hospitals Support

We Care We Vote logo (Oct. 16, 2020) – Over the next few weeks, ballots will be casts across Kansas and the nation on political races that will shape the future of our state and country. The outcome of the November general elections will undoubtedly have significant implications on the health care policies that will be considered in the coming years. While it is oftentimes challenging, and nearly impossible, to tune out the negative political ads and the partisan fighting that typically occurs during an election, it also serves as a good reminder of the privilege we have to cast a vote and to choose our elected leaders.

As part of this year's We Care We Vote campaign, the Kansas Hospital Association solicited the congressional candidates in several races to gather their thoughts and priorities regarding important health care policies for Kansas hospitals. The health care questions that were posed focused on COVID-19, 340B drug discount program, regulatory burdens, rural health care, telemedicine and other trending health care issues. While many of the responses were generally supportive of the advocacy priorities for Kansas hospitals, each response revealed a slight nuance between the candidates. You can review the complete response by each candidate here.

The KHA-PAC has updated another election resource for members based upon local hospital input and the candidate's support for hospital-related issues. This year, all 165 Kansas legislators are up for re-election. A list of the candidates receiving support from the KHA-PAC is now online. Feel free to share this resource with others. In addition, if you have not made your KHA-PAC contribution this year, we could use your donation to continue to support candidates that support hospital and health care issues.

Regardless of your political beliefs, KHA urges Kansas hospitals to elevate their advocacy efforts heading into the Nov. 3 elections. Join the We CARE We VOTE Campaign if you have not already. Kansas hospitals have the opportunity to have their voices heard as we unite the voices of hospital leaders, physicians, board members and volunteers. In total, Kansas hospitals represent over 100,000 Kansans and are a significant voting block that cannot be overlooked. We appreciate your involvement in helping Kansas hospitals flex their political muscle as an influential voice and an ardent health advocate for Kansans.
--Chad Austin