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President's Perspective – Hospitals Make an Impact by Advocating and Voting

We Care We Vote logo (Oct. 30, 2020) – For many, the election next Tuesday can't arrive soon enough. This year, more so than others, voters have experienced a relentless bombardment of political postcards, ads and phone calls. Candidates have politically attacked their opponents by distorting the facts to fit their desired narrative, oftentimes confusing voters. We are left to question and sort out which accusations are genuine versus those that are devious. Regardless of the heightened political noise that is occurring as we close in on election day, the social obligation and responsibility to exercise one's right to vote is as important as ever. Of note, more than 71 million votes have already been cast across the country, and Kansas has already eclipsed more than 513,000 advance votes. In comparison, there were approximately 284,000 early votes cast in 2016 and roughly 233,000 advance votes in 2018. The voter turnout is anticipated to exceed those of the recent past.

Over the past several months, the Kansas Hospital Association has prepared numerous election resources to assist hospital leaders in promoting the importance of voting. As part of the We CARE We VOTE campaign, resources were distributed that included sample communication plans and articles that could be used locally to accentuate the importance of voting and its impact on the health care industry. To understand the policy priorities for our federal nominees, KHA surveyed each candidate to obtain their perspectives on the health care priorities they would seek once elected. On the state level, the KHA Political Action Committee has researched candidates and gathered feedback from the membership to identify those candidates who have shown interest in and support for Kansas hospitals. KHA-PAC contributors had another opportunity this week to gather more insight and information on the upcoming elections by listening to political experts from The Hawthorne Group. They provided political commentary on the potential opportunities and pitfalls facing our federal candidates, as well as what the likely political environment may look like once the dust settles from the November elections.

Rest assured, throughout this political season, the KHA staff has been engaging and educating candidates on those issues most important to Kansas hospitals. While this work will continue, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us if you need assistance in connecting with your newly elected officials. Your involvement in KHA's advocacy activities are the reasons why KHA's efforts are successful. Thank you for your involvement, and please don't forget to vote!
--Chad Austin