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President's Perspective – Helping Hospitals Navigate During COVID-19

COVID19Newsletters (May 22, 2020) – Earlier this week, we reported that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provided $225 million to rural health clinics across the country. The funding is intended to support COVID-19 testing efforts and expand access to testing in rural communities. According to information on HRSA's website, there were 174 RHCs in Kansas that received funding for a total amount of $8,606,287.

Beyond those details, however, this newest payment is a great example of federal and state programs designed to support a healthcare system that has taken a gut punch. It's a system that is likely forever changed but in ways we are not yet completely sure. Partly because we are seeing a plethora of programs come online from support for the public health infrastructure to programs that help those providing difficult care for COVID-19 patients.

It is an increasingly difficult task to keep track of all these programs. This week, the American Hospital Association released a chart showing the various sources of financial support for health care providers during the COVID pandemic. The provisions highlighted include:

  • The Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund
  • Grants through the Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Accelerated and advanced Medicare payments
  • Suspension of the Medicare sequestration
  • Expanded coverage of telehealth and COVID-19 testing
  • The Paycheck Protection Program
  • The Main Street New and Expanded Loan Facilities
  • Various employer tax provisions

The AHA chart is similar to information contained on the KHA website. On our specially designated COVID-19 Funding Resources page, we have added an exhaustive list of funding resources and how to obtain them – ranging from CARES Act funding to FEMA resources to state grants and more. We are constantly adding to the information contained on this page and the summary document. We will continue to simplify this information as much as possible.

Keeping track of the resources available is becoming almost as much of a challenge as accessing those resources, not to mention the compliance issues raised through the terms of each program. Our website, our daily briefings and our excellent staff resources are designed to assist you as you navigate this landscape on your continuing mission to serve your community.
--Tom Bell