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Nursys – An Innovative Nurse Licensure Notification System Service

Nurseys logo (Aug. 21, 2020) – With the National Council of State Boards of Nursing's Nursys e-Notify® for institutions system, hospitals, health systems and other organizations that employ nurses or maintain a registry of nurses now have the ability to receive automatic licensure, discipline and publicly available notifications quickly, easily, securely and free of charge as they are entered into Nursys by boards of nursing. There are currently 57 Boards of Nursing participating in Nursys, including the Kansas State Board of Nursing.

The e-Notify system alerts subscribers when modifications are made to a nurse's record, including changes to:

  • License status;
  • License expirations;
  • License renewal; and
  • Public disciplinary action/resolutions and alerts/notifications.

Nursys is the only national database for licensure verification, discipline for registered nurses, licensed practical/vocational nurses and advanced practice registered nurses. Nursys data is pushed directly from participating BONs' database (for participating jurisdictions visit Nursys is live and dynamic, and all updates to the system are reflected immediately. Through a written agreement, participating BONs have designated Nursys as a primary source equivalent database.

Nursys benefits nurses too. Nursys e-Notify nurse self-enroll system allows nurses to self-enroll for free and take advantage of a quick, convenient and free way to keep up-to-date with their professional licenses. They can receive license expiration reminders, licensure status updates and track license verifications for endorsement. Learn more about Nursys® e-Notify for institutions and nurse self-enroll by viewing an introductory video or visiting the Nursys' website. For questions, contact
--Karen Braman