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Mourning the Loss of C. Duane Dauner
(July 17, 2020) – We wanted to share the sad news of the recent passing of C. Duane Dauner, age 80, who died earlier this week in a car accident. Dauner served state hospital associations for 50 years, including leading the California Hospital Association and the Missouri Hospital Association as president and CEO. Many of you may know that Duane, who was originally from Kansas, actually began his hospital association career at the Kansas Hospital Association. He was a national health care leader whose advice was often sought by many across the entire country. In 2018, he received AHA's Distinguished Service Award "for his dedication to the health and well-being of all Americans and the establishment of a high-quality, efficient, patient- and community-centric hospital field." Our thoughts are with Duane's family at this difficult time.
--Tom Bell